Videos of Attack on Homeless Encampment this morning: See previous page

WHAT HAPPENED: Today at about 5am, 30-40 Berkeley police officers and 6-9 City workers raided and attacked the homeless encampment at Fairview and Adeline streets in South Berkeley. They arrested 4 people, including City Council District 2 candidate Nanci Armstrong-Temple, and have taken them to Santa Rita. 1 homeless person is in the hospital. Other homeless people experienced injuries-including 1 knee injury, 2 people with chronic back problems who are experiencing increased pain, one with new severe neuropathic pain, and 1 person who had shortness of breath. The police and City workers broke and confiscated possessions and used force. Nanci Armstrong-Temple was arrested after protesting rough treatment of a disabled homeless woman who uses a cane. Another homeless woman was thrown to the ground with her face pinned to the cement when she rushed to the defense of her homeless son, who was also attacked and is now hospitalized.

The homeless in this encampment have pledged not to go away. They seek a place to rest and simply be. They have a self-governing group, that includes collective responsibility for each other's well-being and rules against alcohol and drugs. This past Tuesday night, they went to City Council and requested the City find them a piece of land where they can stay in peace.

FOA STATEMENT: The Friends of Adeline is outraged by these violent acts against disabled, nonviolent, homeless people. It is a product of a 6-3 City Council majority that for 12 years has done nothing to alleviate homelessness. Laurie Capitelli, Daryl Moore, and Susan Wengraf-all incumbents seeking reelectionhave been loyal members of this 6-person group that has allowed and endorsed inhumane treatment of the homeless population.

This underlines the need to elect progressive people to office. We applaud Cheryl Davila and Ben Bartlett (and any other candidates we didn't notice) for coming out to support the homeless this morning. Mike Lee, who is running for Mayor, is part of the homeless encampment.

There are numerous vacant buildings in the City, including in South and West Berkeley-which people without homes could live in. Landlords are profiting off of these vacant properties. We ask why they cannot be taken over using imminent domain and put to good use.

CALL TO ACTION: As one person in the encampment said this morning, "Will the City continue until they kill us or will people rise up and support us? They are trying to intimidate us through the use of violence. This is bullying. WE need help fighting the bully. What are you personally willing to do?"

People in the encampment call on the community to come up with ways to support them. A march to City Hall happened today at about noon. We will let you know as more is planned.

Please call the City Manager's office right now: 510-981-7000.

Ask that the charges be dropped on the 4 people arrested and that the City immediately returns the gear and medications they took from people in the encampment.

Notes from Berkeley Emergency Shelter

The protesters marched from the scene of the raid to the Civic Center on Milvia between Allston and Center> There they site, hoping for a lot more people to sit with them and join hands, until Nanci is released.